* Group Classes Closed for 2016

We have decided to take a break from teaching group classes in 2016. We are still available for private lessons. Contact us for details.


* Closed for 2016
Tango Encanto is now closed for group classes . Private lessons are still available for some dates. Contact us to arrange a suitable time.

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How to stay grounded in tango

Let me ask you a question ...when you dance tango do you feel balanced, relaxed and on axis or do you feel unstable, not confident and occasionally stumble or fall over? .....It may be because you're not grounded. Read more

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Learn to dance the Argentine Tango as they do in Buenos Aires!

Tango is an expression of feeling, connection, music and creativity.

Tango Encanto Classes are great fun, with experienced instructors (teaching since 2001) to introduce you to the addictive world of the tango and get you out onto the social dance floor. Check out some of our testimonials from students.

We provide tango group classes, private lessons, performances, milongas and social events in the Southern Highlands of Australia (1.25hrs South of Sydney).  Gift Vouchers available. Perfect for wedding dances or a surprise present for a loved one.

Argentine Tango is a social dance that can be danced by anyone, at any age or level of physical ability.

Social tango as danced in Buenos Aires (the home of the tango) does not require complicated figures or patterns. Argentine Tango consists of an infinite number of possible steps and combinations to the music but only a few, danced well, are needed to navigate the floor and provide a memorable dance for you and your partner.

Tango Encanto Classes focus on musicality, connection, techniques for leading & following, improvisation, navigation and dancing within a community of other dancers.