jccloseEncanto in Spanish means: ‘charm’, ‘enchantment’, ‘spell’, ‘something enjoyable’ or ‘to be charmed/ enchanted by something’.

Argentine Tango, as a social dance is all of these things and more.

Tango is an expression of feeling, connection, music and creativity. It can be enchanting and addictive for those who find a new side to themselves hidden within the music and the embrace of another.

Directors & Principal Teachers: Jennifer Wood & Chris Condron

Jennifer Wood


Jennifer began dancing tango in Sydney in 1999. She was quickly drawn to the improvised nature of the dance and the strong connection between partners and the music.

In 2001 she formed ‘Dance Tango’ together with Federico Matson and taught and performed with Federico over the next 3 years.

In 2007/2008 she lived in Buenos Aires for over 9 months, studying the close embrace style of tango danced socially in most downtown milongas (known as ‘Downtown Salon Tango’, or also ‘Milonguero style’). She was invited to join the staff of ‘La Academia’ school, directed by Susana Miller & Maria Plazaola, and spent most of her time assisting in their classes at ‘El Beso’.

In 2008 Jennifer formed ‘Tango Encanto’ in Sydney, at first teaching independently. She later formed a partnership with Raul Kilstein in 2009 until his return to Buenos Aires at the end of that year. In 2010 she invited Chris Condron to join Tango Encanto. In 2013, Jennifer (with Chris) moved to her home town of Bowral in the Southern Highlands where they look forward to building a new community of dancers and raising their family.

Jennifer has also studied with a number of other teachers who have influenced her development and growth as a teacher & dancer. Some of these include: Alicia Pons, Gustavo Naviera & Giselle Ann; Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa; Gabriela Elias and Fabrizio Forte.

Although Jennifer is a ‘milonguera’ at heart, she has more recently been studying aspects of ‘Tango Nuevo’ with Daniel Tuero and enjoys exploring the pedagogy & creative approach to movement that this style has brought to traditional tango.

Jennifer is an analytical & enthusiastic teacher, understanding both roles of leading & following. She is passionate about the promotion of social tango dancing within the community and transmitting the ‘magic’ of tango, which for her lies within the embrace and the spontaneous connection between two people and the music

Chris Condron


Chris wanted to dance from the day he could walk. Inspired by watching his parents glide across the floor at social events and staying up late watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the late 1970′s, he started dancing from the age of 16 with ballroom and latin…….and in 2006 came to fall in love with the Argentine Tango.

He started studying with “New Tango” (owned at the time by Anne Marie Therkelson), and over the years came to assist her in teaching as an active leader and follower. In 2008 Chris went to Argentina to study with Dani Tuero at “Tango Brujo”, principally working on developing his Nuevo tango movement concepts.

From 2008 to 2010 Chris was elected president of “Tango Synergy” (a sydney based non-profit tango organization) where he worked to promote tango in Australia, as well as networking with local schools and assisting in the organization of the tango championships and other fundraisers. 
In 2010 Chris joined Tango Encanto. With over 15 years of physical theatre movement and professional teaching in circus, he brings a unique style of teaching based on concepts of movement that can be applied at any moment within the dance.

Chris has a major focus on connection and generosity between partners, and a continued passion to develop his understanding and knowledge of Tango Movement.

The beauty of tango is to dance with a stranger and feel connected as beings in the moment…to walk away and say thank you with a smile.