fc1When entering the line of dance, make eye contact with the on-coming lane of leaders and ONLY enter when you have acknowledgement of the leader next in the line of dance or you have enough space to do so safely.
fc2Move anticlockwise around the floor.
Try to remain the same distance behind the couple in front of you.
Keep the follower’s feet on the floor.
fc3Don’t step backward against the line of dance!
Try to keep your vocabulary limited to simple movements that can be modified within one or 2 steps. Avoid long sequences and really try to keep the follower’s feet on the floor
fc4In crowded conditions, form at least 2 LANES of dance.
The outside lane should extend right to the edges of the dance floor.
Beginners or those wanting to do moves that may block the dance flow, should use the center of the floor.
fc5Keep the lanes moving in an orderly progression and don’t overtake or cut from one lane to another unless absolutely necessary.
fc6When collisions happen: Smile, Make Eye Contact to acknowledge the collision, and then *APOLOGIZE* as soon as is humanly possible, even if you think you are in the right.
fc7Remember tango is a social dance, full of connection which includes the music, your partner and the entire dance floor. Enjoy the tango moments!


















by Jenny Wood, Tango Encanto