Milonga Encanto – Salsalonga (social dance)

**CLOSED for 2016

BYO drinks and nibbles.

When: Saturday 10th October 2015
Time: 7pm – 10pm
WhereKazcare Hall , 15-17 Kirkham Rd, Bowral
Entry: $20pp

We will be playing a mix of Tango and Salsa so everyone gets the chance to dance & also see what the others are learning :-) .

Traditional tango music will be arranged in tandas. This is a warm social event where everyone is welcome. We look forward to meeting you on the dance floor or sharing a chat and glass of wine.

What is a milonga?

A milonga is a more formal social dance where the music follows a set pattern of ‘tandas’ separated by ‘cortinas’. A ‘tanda’ is a group of 3 or 4 songs, generally of the same composer and orchestra. A ‘cortina’ is a short piece of ‘non-tango’ music that serves to identify the end of a ‘tanda’. It is expected that dancers will clear the floor during each cortina and it provides the opportunity to ask someone else for a dance. There are particular ‘codes’ of behaviour on a social dance floor. See our article on floor craft for more information. Dancers should try to keep the flow of the dance and not stop to discuss mistakes or ‘practise’ new ‘moves’.

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