Outdoor Milongas :

Before tango hit the stage with fancy kicks and jumps, the Argentine tango was a dance of the people. Danced in bars and streets of Buenos Aires, the tango was and still is primarily a social dance about the connection between two people and the music. To demonstrate this unique dance form to the public and provide a social practise opportunity for students we run periodic FREE Outdoor Milongas. Come along and watch or join in the dancing.

Next FREE Outdoor Milonga: TBA

NB. Outdoor Milongas will NOT be held in the case of rain or unpleasant wind

Photos below from our Milonga in Corbett Plaza Sept 2015.

Photos below from our Milongas in Corbett Gardens 2014. A big thankyou to Hamish for most of the photos.  ( ©shotbyhamish.com)