“Even though I have done other dance classes, it wasn’t until I joined Tango Encanto that I feel I really learnt to dance. Jenny and Chris take care of their community of dancers, and although I am in a class with a group of dancers, I always feel that I get guidance that supports me individually. I have tried others but I always come back to TE. Viva TE!!!!”

Estefania Montano Ardila – Early Childhood Educator


“At Tango Encanto you don’t just learn steps, you learn how to dance. It is the fastest way to be able to get up confidently on the dance floor and dance with a stranger, or someone much better than you at tango. You can come without a partner – it is always a good thing to know the teachers at Tango Encanto love what they are doing and transmit that passion and enthusiasm to their students.”

Kerry Neville – Doctor


“I started lessons with Tango Encanto about six months ago and I look forward to classes every week. The instructors, Jenny and Chris, have a generous teaching style and they help create a fun and friendly atmosphere in which to learn. Lessons change from week to week and students are encouraged to explore the fundamental concepts of posture, balance and timing. I’m already looking forward to my next class!”

David Wong – Web Designer


“I joined the tango classes offered at Tango Encanto about a year ago. Jenny and Chris are great tango teachers and their teaching style complements each other very well. I found that every step of the way I have been followed and encouraged in a fun, tailor-made program. The class size is just right: small enough to maximise learning and big enough to meet new people that share an interest for the beautiful melodies of tango as well as a passion and commitment to learning something new. Since I started, I have met some absolutely wonderful people, improved my fitness and sense of rhythm… After a long day at work what better way to let it go and enjoy what Argentine Tango has to offer.”

Marina Zochil- Psychologist


“Classes elsewhere taught in ‘sentences’. At Tango Encanto I got the whole story – with pictures! The course is brilliantly conceived, professionally structured and taught. Instruction included good demos & moved sequentially from the first steps, to the second and so on, revising and adding as we progressed. Finishing with discussion about floorcraft and social dance etiquette was a wonderful touch. A really comprehensive package. Instructor (Chris) is very encouraging, creates a positive environment where help in getting the moves right is constructively offered. Rounding out the course with a graduation to the social floor is a brilliant idea. It can be scary finding your way out there to join the social tango dancing world. A wonderfully safe intro.”

Natalie DuGard – Education Administrator


“At Tango Encanto I learned the basic elements of the Milonguero style of Tango, the most popular way of dancing at the Milongas in Buenos Aires. Very soon, I realized that the apparent simplicity of the steps of the Milonguero style is a perfect platform to express creatively the rhythmical complexity of the Tango music. The principal teacher, Jennifer, provides in-depth explanation of the concepts with attention to details, which accelerates the learning process.”

Emil Janulovski, Structural Engineer

“ Tango Encanto is a fun experience while you are improving your technique and developing your appreciation of the dynamics and the feel of Tango. Jenny and Chris are both extremely friendly people. They make an excellent team as teachers with a fine eye for detail. They have all the right people skills and a good sense of humour and try very hard to impart all their considerable experience and knowledge to students in their classes.”

John Doyle, University of Sydney.